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About Us


After my son was born, I remember spending hours online searching for cute, unique outfits to dress him up in, interesting toys to engage him and cool decorative pieces I thought he would like (well, really, that last part was for me as I'd take a zillion pictures of him every week). But, as time went by, I would wish that my cute finds could simply be all in one place!

That is why AUSTINRHYS  [aus-teen ree-ce] was created. 
We offer a one-stop lovingly curated source for fresh styles and modern twists to everyday children's fashions, toys and accessories. Our carefully curated collections center around the key principles of quality, comfort, style and affordability!


So please, stop by and say hello to us on Instagram & Facebook! We would love to hear how much you enjoy shopping with us. 


                                                                              - AR